Terms & Conditions

Pet Food Pantry

Terms & Conditions

By submitting your Pet Food Pantry application, you are agreeing to the following:

  1. Recipient must complete a Pet Food Pantry application form available at https://www.theguinnessdunnfoundation.com/pet-food-assistance

  2. Recipient is limited to receiving a 1 (one) month supply of pet food, for a 6 month period, for up to 4 (four) household pets registered in the program.

  3. All food is donated, therefore you may not receive the same type/brand you currently feed your pet, which may upset your pet’s stomach. Food will be provided based on your pet(s) weight and the manufacturer guidelines.

  4. The Guinness Dunn Foundation will make every effort to consider special requests for certain formulas or flavors of dog and cat food (ex. senior, indoor, small bites, etc.) but are only able to provide what is available at the time. If your pet has specific dietary requirements (allergies, sensitivity, or weight control), it is up to the pet owner to exercise judgement when accepting food from The Guinness Dunn Foundation.

  5. All pets must be spayed/neutered. The Guinness Dunn Foundation can provide information on low cost spay and neuter programs.

  6. Pet food must be picked up by the recipient from the distribution point.

  7. Recipient agrees not to resell, redistribute or attempt to return to a store any food or care items received from The Guinness Dunn Foundation.

  8. Pet Food Assistance will not be provided for any pet obtained after initial registration with The Guinness Dunn Foundation.

  9. Recipient agrees not to hold The Guinness Dunn Foundation, its staff, volunteers or donors legally liable in the event your pet (s) become ill from the change in diet.

  10. Recipient will provide us with a photo of your pet (you may include yourself in the photo). Email photo to: info@theguinnessdunnfoundation.org.

  11. If the recipient should violate any of the above requirements, The Guinness Dunn Foundation has the right to terminate pet food assistance immediately, without notice.