Guinness's Friends

Here are some of the cats and dogs The Guinness Dunn Foundation has been grateful to help on their journey.


This little girl is Sissy. She is eleven years old, full of life and loved by many. Sissy was in desperate need of surgery to repair a damaged ACL. We are very pleased to help Sissy and her family make this surgery happen. Sissy is recuperating well and being attended to by her loving family.

We wish Sissy many happy and healthy years ahead.


This cute boy is Dobby. Dobby was one of the kittens trapped during our TNR efforts on Liberty Street. Dobby has been adopted and is now enjoying life with his mom in his forever home.

We wish Dobby a happy and healthy life with his new family.


This beautiful girl is Rudy. Rudy was trapped during our TNR effort with Stella & Luna. Rudy is our foster fail! Rudy made her way into our hearts from day one. She got her name as she had a red raw nose when we first brought her home so we called her Rudolph (shortened to Rudy later). Rudy is now the newest member of The Guinness Dunn Foundation family.


Cinnamon was living in a colony in a trailer park when Angelico Cat Rescue started a TNR effort. Cinnamon was rescued first as she was emaciated and in terrible condition. She was brought to the rescue, vetted and given a dental as her mouth was extremely bad and she was having issues eating. Several days later she was in terrible pain and x-rays revealed a hip and sacral fracture. Angelico Cat Recue reached out to us for financial help with her surgery. Her surgery was successful and her quality of life is excellent.


Baby's family reached out to The Guinness Dunn Foundation for financial help whey they found out their dog Baby needed a tumor removed from her gums.

Baby is now scheduled for surgery. We wish her a speedy recovery and a happy, healthy life ahead with her family.


These cute girls are Stella & Luna.

They were trapped during our TNR efforts on Liberty Street. They have been adopted together and are now living in their forever home with their new Mom.


Gracie was rescued by Cypress Lucky Mutt Rescue. She was pregnant and heartworm positive. Gracie gave birth to 13 beautiful puppies. What was not know at the time was that Gracie had several shattered bones and would need FHO (Femoral Head Ostectomy) surgery.

Gracie is doing well after surgery and has found her forever home.


Moxie was the victim of abuse at the hands of a human. She was dumped at a veterinarian clinic by her "owner" to surrender without providing care. The veterinarian contacted Judge's Park Small Animal Rescue to see if they had space available to save this sweet girl. The abuse she sustained resulted in substantial injuries to her face and head, including a broken jaw so bad it had to be wired back into place, a feeding tube placed and multiple bruises/contusions to her head. This also put her into early labor, as she was pregnant. She was too weak to nurse and care for her kittens. The rescue took her kittens and bottle feed them.


Kicker was brought into NOVASTAR Rescue with an injured leg. She had been walking around a neighborhood for a few days and one of the residents called NOVASTAR Rescue for help. Kicker was brought to the vet and a decision was made to amputate the leg. NOVASTAR Rescue reached out to The Guinness Dunn Foundation to help financially with her surgery.

Kicker's story has a happy ending. Her surgery went well and with the social media attention brought her owner to NOVASTAR. Kicker, who's name is actually Chip had gone missing weeks earlier. She is now back with her family and recovering from her surgery.


Maya was rescued by Charley's K9 Rescue when she was left at a local shelter. Maya had open wounds all over her lower body. It is believe that she was a bait dog. Maya was in shock so Charley's K9 Rescue rushed her to the hospital. There they did everything the could to stabilize her. Maya's veterinary bills quickly increased. She spent two weeks in ICU, Maya fought to live and she received amazing care from her veterinary team.

Maya is now doing well and is safe at home with her forever family.